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DomainKey Policy Record Tester Last Updated: Oct 29, 2004

When using DomainKeys, your domain can publish policy statements that can help receivers make choices about the mail they receive from your domain. The DomainKeys -01 specification defines three policies: the amount of mail signed using DomainKeys (some or all), the testing status of the domain, and a reporting address. If a domain is in testing mode, the receiver should not treat unsigned or unverifiable email
differently from verified email. However, if a domain is not in testing mode and claims to sign all mail, a receiver should treat unsigned mail harshly, as the sender is claiming that the mail is a forgery.

The tool below allows the mail adminstrator to test a domain their domain to determine if the DNS entry is valid, and to determine what policies are in existance.

DomainKey Policy Record Tester

Step 1 of 2: Identify Your Domain

Please enter the domain name for which you want to test your DomainKey policy record:

(for example: example.com)

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